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43rd St. is Lit for the Holidays

Words and Images by Denise Bishop.

In December 1987, my family and a couple of neighboring families, formed the 43rd Street Color Guard, decorating our houses with bright colored lights at Christmas, to spite an older neighbor who wanted the street to only have candles in the windows. The origin of the 43rd Street Grand Illumination has been told many times, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, this is the first year since its inception that the initial lighting event did not occur. Thankfully, the residents still decorated and 43rd Street is lit again! Take a peek at some of this year's decorations.

The lights can be seen in person on the 200 block of 43rd Street in Virginia Beach, in the North End neighborhood. For the full effect, check it out before the 25th as some houses will start to take their lights down after Christmas.

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