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Spotlight on the Future: Hampton Roads Issues


Your essay should relate an issue that is important to both you and the Hampton Roads community.

  • Why is this the issue important? 

  • Is there anything you have done already in our community to work on the issue? 

  • How has this issue affected your choice to pursue higher education? Have you chosen a specific major because of this issue?

Applicants should submit the following by filling out this Google Form.

  • 750-1,000 word Essay (.docx format)

  • 1-2 images (png or jpg format) 

    • This could be a headshot, a photo of you doing work in the community, a piece of art you have created, etc. 

    • Images should relate in some way to the essay. 

Applicants will only be considered if all files are properly submitted. 

Winners will be selected on a rolling monthly basis. Essays must be submitted by the last day of the month to be considered. 

Winners and select honorable mentions will be published on SpotlightNews. By submitting your form you are certifying that your essay and photo you are certifying that your essay is your original work, and you have permission to share the images that you sent to us publicly. 


Spotlight News Scholarship

The mission of Spotlight News is to create, enhance, and support local independent media through arts- and community-focused journalism in the Hampton Roads area. To this end, we will be offering

3 scholarships of $500 each

to local individuals studying at technical school, community college, college or university in Hampton Roads!

Thank You!

A huge thanks to the Norfolk Commission for the Arts for their support in making this program possible.



Applicants must be planning to attend a technical school, community college, or university in the Hampton Roads area. This scholarship must be used for the upcoming school year. 

Anyone seeking undergraduate education is eligible to apply (not just incoming Freshmen)!


Payment will be provided directly to the student's school. It is understood that the student may be awaiting acceptance at the time of the application. Prior to payment, selected winners must provide proof of acceptance to an accredited technical school, college, or university.

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