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City Manager Directs Staff to Telework for Three Weeks

Words and Images courtesy of the City of Williamsburg.

Williamsburg, VA – City Manager Andrew O. Trivette directed city staff to telework, to the

extent possible, for the next three weeks, starting Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2021.

This change is a return to the operational strategy the city put in place during the first few

months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Understanding that some business needs to occur in

person, staff will schedule in-person appointments as necessary.

At the Municipal Building, 401 Lafayette Street, a virtual front desk has been set up in the

entryway; it allows the public to speak with a receptionist who can connect them with the

appropriate staff member. It should be noted that in-person, same-day service is not guaranteed

for those without an appointment.

“This operational change will allow positive cases associated with holiday festivities to be

identified and will limit potential exposure,” Trivette said. “We learned in the spring that our staff

can provide just about all of our functions remotely. It is in the best interest of city staff and the

community that we temporarily return to remote operations.”

The city will reassess its teleworking plan in three weeks to determine whether an extension is


Citizens are encouraged to use the city website or call 757-220-6100 to find the department to

handle their specific requests. The city website also features Citibot, a chatbot that allows

citizens to submit questions about city services, report issues, or send messages to staff. Citibot

can be found at the bottom-right corner of

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