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Hampton Roads parents prioritize play in the wake of pandemic.

Words and Images courtesy of Homegrown.

In 2021, children need a safe space to connect, engage, and express themselves. Homegrown creates cutting edge, virtual art experiences for children across the country. While Homegrown offers virtual performing art classes such as; Ballet, Capoeira, and Kids Comedy during the school year, this summer brings some BIG news.

“We’re creating an interactive T.V. show, and we’re asking the community to help us.” Homegrown founder and Virginia Beach native, Rebekah Rickards states.

She continues, “Forward thinking parents around the globe now understand the power of play as an indisputable tool for young learners. Art is no longer an extracurricular, but an integral part of childhood development.”

Homegrown has hosted nearly 250 Live, interactive, dance-a-long shows over the last 8 months via Zoom, reaching young learners (3-9yr old) across the country as well as Canada and Alaska. From their modest film studio in Virginia Beach, the Homegrown team (Rebekah Rickards and Ashley Berkman) know they created something special.

“Homegrown isn’t about learning and repeating dance steps, it’s about discovering what moves you in the first place. We create a safe virtual space for our young friends to embody their inner Hero, Warrior, Clown, or Rain Cloud. We celebrate all expressions of self, because the human experience is vast.” Rebekah reflects.

If you want to support Homegrown, you can donate to their Indiegogo campaign. All donations will directly fund the production of the pilot Homegrown season and support the mission of heart centered learning through dance and play.

Find Homegrown on Instagram @home757grown, Facebook home757grown, or visit our website to donate.

There's one more Saturday left to join them for their beach adventure -

89th St, Virginia Beach from 9am-10am!

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