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Hot Wheels Monster Trucks LIVE This Weekend at Scope

A black monster truck with flames on the side that have the Hot Wheels logo in them jumps some crushed up sedans while another colorful monster truck waits off to the side.

Words by Penny Neef. Images courtesy of Meg Little (Ignite Partners).

If you are a person, or you know a person, who loves one or more of the following, then I’ve got something fun for you. We’re talking Hot Wheels, Monster Trucks, lots of noise, dirt, fire, crashes, suspense, thrills and an all- around good time.

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks LIVE is coming to Norfolk Scope Arena for three shows only this weekend, Saturday, October 30 and Sunday, October 31.

Who isn’t looking for some good, live action entertainment these days? I was a skeptic about the entertainment value of monster trucks. I made it through much of my adult life without monster trucks, being the mother of girls, who had zero interest.

Along came my first (and only) grandson, Joe. I thought I was making a grandmotherly sacrifice when I took him to his first monster truck event a few years ago. Who knew we would all have so much fun?

Monster Trucks mean there are giant-wheeled trucks climbing over big piles of dirt, almost but not quite, flipping over, racing around a track, making giant wheelies and spraying dirt all over the arena, and lots of people cheering for their favorite trucks. The giant trucks are big, loud, colorful and fun.

The little but fast, motocross bikes flying through the air doing incredible stunts are amazing to watch. The drivers look like they are floating off the bikes, barely hanging on.

Who doesn’t love a car-eating, fire-breathing transforming robot? MEGASAURUS might just cause some havoc in the arena.

Editor's note: As the little girl who ALWAYS wanted the hot wheels toy rather than the Barbie toy at McDonalds, this is EPIC and I WANT ONE!

This edition of Monster Trucks LIVE features the iconic Hot Wheels monster trucks blown up from little mini trucks that can fit in the palm of your hand to huge, roaring, powerful machines. Speaking of roaring, bring along earplugs and ear protection for the young ones. This show is loud!

It’s fun to cheer for your favorite drivers. The women are always well represented. There is “friendly” competition between the drivers. A bad-ass lady won the grand prize in the last, pre-pandemic monster truck event we attended. The granddaughters went wild!

It is great that life is getting back to almost normal. Take your family to some live entertainment in the large, high-ceiling Scope Arena this weekend for Hot Wheels Monster Trucks LIVE. Tickets can be purchased here.

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