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Poems for the People, Where Poetry Packs a Punch!

Images by C. J. Expression and Dusti Connelley

(Tonie Sheeley, a.k.a., Quiet Storm, Catherine Fletcher, C. J. Expression, Tim Seibles, Synnika A. Lofton, and Jorge Mendez)

Friday, June 7th, area poets and poetry lovers met at The Muse Writers Center in Ghent, Norfolk to enjoy Poems for The People.  Synnika Lofton, host of the monthly poetry feature show, rounded up area talent, which included a mix of stage and page poets, including former Virginia Poet Laureate, Tim Seibles, and current South Eastern Poetry Society of Virginia Vice President, Jorge Mendez-- both with multiple collections in print. 

Rounding out the five featured artists for June's event were also New York stage performing favorite, Tonie Sheeley, environmentally conscious world traveler, Catherine Fletcher, and Venue Voices Alum & Author of Dear Broken Woman: Trials to Triumph, C.J. Expression - each strong wordsmiths of the craft.  The mic was hot as each writer stepped up to deliver their work and delight listeners with gusto!     

The crowd was wowed by sets spun on a wide range of topics. From whimsical views of the past to modern day activism, personal twists on plagues of the mind & heart, to coping with loss & life lessons found in grief, to history lessons on mankind's slow will to change to persona pieces involving personal growth - these five poets packed a punch at the mic! Voices rose to crescendo, then hushed to whispers as the audience leaned in for the verbal roller coaster Poems for the People provides.  By the end of the night and the break for individual feedback and fellowship, everyone had something to mentally chew on or smile about.

Able to converse with the features of their choice during the meet & greet, individual attendees conveyed how intensely the work shared that night impacted them. Relatable tales were shared with laughter or furrowed brow & thank you's were whispered during heartfelt hugs, providing the featured artists the unique opportunity to hear one-on-one just how much their work matters. What a fantastic way to kick off the weekend!

Join Synnika Lofton and next month's featured poets on July 5th, from 6-8pm, at The Muse Writers Center in Norfolk. Poems For The People - the words you've been waiting for!


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