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South Norfolk Jordan Bridge Announces Winner Of Art Contest

Words courtesy of South Norfolk Jordan Bridge. Image courtesy of Nicole Harp.

The South Norfolk Jordan Bridge (SNJB), owned and operated by United Bridge Partners, announces they have selected a winner in their outdoor art installation contest that will commemorate the bridge’s 10th anniversary in 2022. The winning entry is a collaboration of local artists Nicole C. Harp and Jeannine Harkleroad and features a sunrise/sunset theme.

Planned to stand 14 feet tall and 18 feet wide, the winning piece will incorporate a navigational bouy and colorful crab trap floats to resemble a three-dimensional drawing of the sun peaking over the water. According to the artists, this parallels how the SNJB helps begin and end each day for thousands of drivers daily, creating a sense of optimism in the morning and welcoming the workday’s end in the evening.

“Great art communicates long before it's understood, stated Harp. “Art can change the energy in a community, inspire and educate. I am excited to be part of a creative dialogue with the community regarding design and installation using repurposed materials to celebrate SNJB's 10th Anniversary."

“Bridges connect people, but they aren't really land or water, just made of similar materials,” shared Harkleroad. “When I look at the SNJB out of the window of my truck, it looks like it is floating right above the horizon line. I am excited to capture that type of visual buoyancy in our project.”

The selection committee was led by Shawn Stuckey, content strategist and owner of Shawn Stuckey Freelance Creative & Marketing. The winning piece is scheduled to be unveiled in May 2022.

“We were impressed by the exceptional creativity of all the submissions and thank everyone who entered our competition,” said Kevin Crum, general manager of operations at South Norfolk Jordan Bridge. “The winning entry stood out with its uplifting energy and timeless sense of unity. Not only is this installation the perfect way to commemorate our milestone, it’s also a lasting gift that will beautify the area and uplift the traveling community for a long time to come.”

The 5,375'-long South Norfolk Jordan Bridge is two-lane, fixed-span, high-rise toll bridge over the Elizabeth River’s Southern Branch. On the west side of the river, the bridge ties into the Elm Avenue and Victory Boulevard intersection near NNSY’s Gate 36. On the east side, it connects to Poindexter Street and provides seamless access to I-464. The privately funded and operated bridge features two 12'-wide traffic lanes, two 8'-wide shoulders and an award-winning pedestrian sidewalk separated from traffic by a concrete barrier. A fully electronic video capture system accepts E-ZPass to maximize convenience for users but is not required for travel.

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