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Ten Tips for Bandaloop

One Weekend Left - Thursday May 19 - Sunday May 22 - Weather Permitting

Words by Penny Neef. Image courtesy of the Virginia Arts Festival.

The gloomy weather is gone. Time to get outside, and enjoy our beautiful spring in Hampton Roads.

Spring is Virginia Arts Festival season. VAF always plans some outdoor events, including Williamsburg Live!, the culmination of the VAF season each year. This year Williamsburg Live! Features Mandy Moore, Jason Isbell and Marina McBride.

VAF also offers outdoor events that are free and open to the public. This year, you don’t want to miss Bandaloop performing off the side of the Wells Fargo building on the corner of Monticello Ave. and Charlotte St. in downtown Norfolk.

Bandaloop will be dancing on the side of the Wells Fargo building from Thursday, May 19 through Sunday, May 22. Check here for times.

Bandaloop is performance art at its finest. The company, from Oakland, California, performs around the world on urban landscapes, UNESCO world heritage sites, and off cliffs in the wild. Bandaloop is “vertical performance”. Imagine rock climbing and dancing, two art forms, combined.

Here are my ten tips for experiencing Bandaloop:

  1. Come early. Check the list of performance times here. Arrive an hour early to get the best spot.

  2. Park in MacArthur Center parking lot. It’s the best deal, and only one block away from Scope Plaza.

  3. Bring chairs, a blanket, hats if it’s sunny, snacks and drinks. (Editor's Note: It's looking like it's going to be a VERY warm weekend, folx- stay safe and hydrated, and remember, there's no shade on Scope Plaza. Don't forget your sunscreen and sunglasses!)

  4. Set up on Scope Plaza. That’s the large outdoor area fronting Scope Arena and Chrysler Hall.

  5. The best spot for viewing on Scope Plaza is against the fountain, facing the Wells Fargo building, which is directly across Charlotte St. You can use the wall of the fountain to lean back and gaze upward. You will be gazing upward for most of Bandaloop, since the performers will be dancing off the side of the building, way, way up high.

  6. Bring something to occupy your time while waiting for Bandaloop to begin. We played several rounds of Uno. I won twice.

  7. Feel free to dance while waiting. There was some good music playing through the very large speakers.

  8. Bring binoculars if you have them. You will be able to see the dancers just fine from your spot on the Plaza, but to watch their faces as they slide over the edge of the building or their feet as they propel across the glass is quite an experience.

  9. Bring kids if you have them. My grandkids loved this performance. There were children of all ages in the audience. They could not believe what they were watching.

  10. Last, but not least –

Enjoy this unique, free performance. Enjoy being outdoors, with other people who appreciate performing arts and music. Be grateful to Virginia Arts Festival for bringing talented artists from all over the world to our little corner of Virginia each year.

For more information about upcoming Virginia Arts Festival 25th Anniversary events, go to

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