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The Women of Troy

The Women of Troy ODU Theatre

Words and Images Courtesy of the ODU Theatre

Written & directed by Deborah Wallace, produced by ODURep with the generous support of the Hellenic Studies Endowment

Oct. 12-14 and 18-21 @ 7:30 pm; Oct. 22 @ 2:00 pm

Goode Theatre, 4601 Monarch Way

Free Parking: 3rd floor & up, Constant Center North Garage, 1060 W. 45th St

Another senseless war is won, a great city is reduced to ashes, and the women of defeated Troy must pay the reparations with their lives - through enslavement or death. In Argos, the bereaved and embittered Queen Clytemnestra awaits the return of the victors with a furious vengeance that has been brewing for a decade, since Agamemnon’s sacrifice of her beloved daughter to appease Artemis and speed Grecian ships to their attack on Troy.

Be careful who your hubris offends! The gods interfere in human affairs for their own amusement and purposes - all too often there is a shockingly high cost for both the guilty and the innocent.

The Women of Troy is the final chapter in Deborah Wallace's visually stunning and powerfully evocative Apollo & Artemis Trilogy, the sequel to Niobe and Artemis, I.

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