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TRDance Ensemble Announces 2002 Summer Ensemble Concert

TRDance 2022 Summer Concert Ensemble

Words and Images Courtesy of TRDance Ensemble

The TRDance Ensemble and VBT Ensemble pre-professional dance companies are thrilled to present their Summer Ensemble Concert LIVE at the Benjack Studio Theatre in Downtown Norfolk. We are ecstatic to have expanded this Summer's program with pieces in ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, tap and heels! Each piece showcases the brilliant experience and creativity of our amazing guest choreographers as well as the hard work and talents of our dancers! With a large cast and full studio, we are excited to invite you to the show of the summer! You won't want to miss the captivating emotions of our contemporary and ballet pieces, the exciting jazz and heels numbers and the intricate tap and modern performances! Our Summer 2022 Ensemble Choreographers: Anastasia Charalambous - Jazz Brexdyn La Dieu - Tap Cheyenne Freeman - Contemporary Camryn Goad - Contemporary Amelia Martinez - Modern Amber Romano - Ballet Desi Rodriquez - Heels Jaime Simpson - Ballet Eric Stith - Ballet Tickets are only $15 per person and benefit the TRDance Academy Programs $12 FOR STUDENT/SENIORS/MILITARY - CLICK HERE

TRDance Ensemble and Virginia Ballet Theatre Ensembles offer a diverse choreographic experience for pre-professional dancers looking to expand their skills in modern and contemporary dance (TRD) and ballet (VBT) idioms. Our pre-professional ensembles are available for high school, college and post-graduate dancers with opportunities in Fall, Spring and Summer. For more information on how to audition or to get involved with our Ensembles email Morgan White, Academy Director at 2022-2023 ENSEMBLE ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS Jaime Simpson & Lauren Kidd

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