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Trick-or-Treat Hampton Roads!!

A deep purple sky with a large yellow moon and the silhouette of a tree, bats, and a witch. There is a ghost under the tree which may be scaring the 4 trick or treaters, dressed as a famous wizard boy, little red riding hood, a skeleton, and a dog dressed as a lion.

Info Compiled by Moriah Joy and BA Ciccolella. Image by BA Ciccolella.

Looking to Trick-or-Treat this year? Planning to hand out candy? Can't wait to get your costume on and have a fun time this Sunday? Here's the Trick-or-Treat guidelines from your city, Hampton Roads!


Kids 12 or younger feel free to knock those doors until 8pm!

Virginia Beach

Kids 12 or younger, your neighbors will be expecting you from dusk (around 6:30pm) to 8pm!


P-town kids can get started early, with Trick-or-Treat for kids 12 and younger from 5pm-8pm!


Chesapeake kids get to remain kids just a little longer, with those 14 and under able to Trick-or-Treat from 6pm-8pm!


Kids 12 or younger, your Trick-or-Treat window goes from dusk (around 6:30pm) to 8pm!

Newport News

Trick-or-Treaters in Newport News must be 12 or younger, and end your night at 8pm!


Suffolk's Trick-or-Treaters must also be 12 or younger, and end the night at 8pm!

Williamsburg/ James City County

Your Trick-or-Treating window is 6pm-8pm for kids 12 and younger!

Please remember to stay safe this Halloween, bring flashlights, wear reflective clothing, look both ways before crossing the street, and maintain social distance from those not in your household! For any parents looking for a pediatrician's thoughts on Trick-or-Treating guidelines during COVID, take a look at this post from Children's Health of Orange County at the University of Irvine- they sum up safety measures quite nicely!

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