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2022 Dance Ensemble, TRdance, Virginia Ballet

Words and Images Courtesy of TRDance and Virginia Ballet Ensembles

You won't want to miss this year's Spring Ensemble Concert! The TRDance Ensemble and Virginia Ballet Theatre Ensemble will be coming together to showcase 6 dance pieces ranging in style from modern, to contemporary, to ballet. A classical ballet variation will be presented along with the premieres of original choreographic contemporary and ballet works created by local dance artists. The pieces have music of varying tones and textures, allowing each one to explore the connection of music, movement, and artistry in a different way.


April 8 & 9 - 8:00PM

@ ODU University Theatre

General Admission - $25

Student Tickets - $15

2022 Dance Ensemble, TRdance, Virginia Ballet

Artistic Director Todd Rosenlieb and Ricardo Melendez bring to the stage a show that promises an evening of passion, human emotion, and hope as we look to the horizon of a post-pandemic world.

The Spring Concert Series will feature Todd’s original piece Awash With Tiny Intentions, an off-kilter modern piece that subverts expectations and asks us to find humor as we move through life. Renowned violinist Jonathan Spence will treat the audience to a live performance of Prokofiev’s Sonata for Solo Violin to accompany. A blend of passion, beauty, and laughter, Awash is sure to leave an impression!

An original piece from Ricardo Melendez will grace the stage this spring to mesmerize audiences with his choreography. Entre Cuerdas is a quirky quartet, full of drama and athleticism, that examines relationships and how we move through each other’s lives using the language of movement and musicality. Ricardo, who studied under Martha Graham, really shows his dance training in this flirty choreography. Humorous, yet poignant, this piece promises to take us on a full-circle journey as we watch.

Finally, Omar Nieves debuts his world premiere piece to be the perfect culmination of this year’s Todd Rosenlieb Dance season of dance! This performance was created at the onset of the pandemic but never performed on stage. Poignant as we have found new life, greater meaning, and a deeper connection through our shared experience with the pandemic, Omar’s choreography tells a story of longing, discovery, and exploration. It studies our connections to one another and how relationships come and go; it takes a moment to examine the space we are in, contemplating what is around us, in us, and before us.

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