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Upcoming Arts 4 Learning Programs

Words and Images Arts 4 Learning

Paint Me a Poem by Nathan Richardson

THURSDAY, April 13, 2023

TCC Joint-Use Library

Virginia Beach, VA

2 PM – 3 PM

Description: Poet, author, and educator Nathan Richardson introduces students to “ekphrastic” poetry in

this workshop, using visual art, written and spoken word, and physicality to fully engage students in the

creative process. Students will craft poetry inspired by their favorite works, as Nathan guides them in

critically analyzing thoughts and concepts in art to share their interpretations. As he teaches techniques

used by spoken word artists such as gesture, inflection, and blocking, Nathan gets students on their feet

to practice presenting their poetry to others.

Speak Out for Tolerance! By Rainbow Puppet Productions

THURSDAY, April 13, 2023

MEO Central Library

Virginia Beach, VA

2 PM – 2:50 PM

This unique program supports anti-bullying and brings to life non-descriptive characters that offer a

generic look and identity. Using balloons as puppets, the Rainbow Puppets impact the audience with

general facial features and body language that eventually turn these puppets into characters. From this,

the audience and the characters learn to appreciate their individuality. Learning to communicate with

neighbors is a key point in the program, and students will learn to become part of the anti-bullying


Count and Color Magic by Harold Wood

SATURDAY, April 22, 2023

MEO Central Library

Virginia Beach, VA

2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Harold Wood’s “colorful” program will leave your young audiences “pink” with delight. Early learners will

be entertained and amazed while strengthening reasoning and motor skills, and cognitive thinking.

Virginia’s early learning building blocks are reinforced through number sequence, letter recognition, color

identification, and language development. Furry “white” Buster Bunny is featured in the “red” hot finale.

Come Freedom, Come with Valerie Davis

FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 2023

Downing-Gross Cultural Arts Center

Newport News, VA

11 AM – 11:50 AM

Hear the uniquely American story of Martha Ann Fields, an enslaved cook and one of Virginia's unsung

heroes. Celebrated storyteller and actor, Valerie Davis, captures the physical, historical, and spiritual

essence of this former enslaved woman from the Nutshell Plantation in Hanover County as she reveals

this true story of love, longing, faith, betrayal, and courage.

Meet the character, Martha Anna Fields, during a Q&A after the program. This program is great for all

ages! A special thanks to the Arts for Learning Virginia and the Virginia African American Cultural Center

for this performance.

All Greek to Me by Darci Tucker

FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 2023

Portsmouth Public Library

Portsmouth, VA

11 AM – 12 PM

Your students will assist Darci Tucker as she tells several of Aesop’s timeless fables, and students will

act out the tale of Persephone’s descent into the Underworld and back. Older students will examine the

stories from multiple perspectives.

To the Zoo by Cindy and Shelly


Portsmouth Public Library

Portsmouth, VA

11 AM – 12 PM

This program, created in partnership with the Virginia Zoo, explores the animals you will learn about in

their natural habitats. Animals are dependent on their environment and these artists introduce songs to

help students understand why this is so important. Primates, giraffes, and elephants are only a few of the

animals your students will come to know. Students will understand the wildlife classification system and

so much more.

It’s Easy to be Green by Cindy and Shelly

SATURDAY, April 22, 2023

The Zeiders American Dream Theater

Virginia Beach, VA

11 AM – 4 PM

Learn from folk song duo Cindy and Shelly in this earth friendly, environmental awareness program that

teaches students about habitats, environments, biology, recycling, and conservation. The interactive

program includes original tunes like “It Really isn’t Garbage,” “Bebop,” and “Someone’s Gonna Use it

After You.” Children and teachers will enjoy this fun program celebrating our planet.

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