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Waller Mill Park to Resume Daily Schedule; $19/Hr. Part-Time Rate Yields 28 New Hires

Words and Images Courtesy City of Williamsburg

Williamsburg, VA – Starting Friday, July 1, 2022, Waller Mill Park will be open seven days a


Williamsburg Parks and Recreation first announced a reduction in the park’s operating hours in

October 2021 due to an ongoing shortage of part-time park employees, closing the park every

Tuesday. In May, the department reduced the hours further, closing Waller Mill Park on

Thursdays as well.

To address the staffing shortage, the City of Williamsburg raised its part-time hourly rate to

$19/hr., effective at the start of the fiscal year, July 1.

Upon the announcement of this wage increase, Williamsburg Parks and Recreation received

dozens of job applications for open positions at both Waller Mill Park and Quarterpath

Recreation Center. In the past few weeks, the department interviewed 56 candidates and has

hired 19 part-time employees for Waller Mill and nine for Quarterpath.

To apply for a job with the City of Williamsburg, visit

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