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2024 Bluegrass Pickin' Party Comes to Virginia Beach

Words by Juan Gelpi and BA Ciccolella.

Image courtesy of Tidewater Bluegrass Society.

This year, for the first time, the Tidewater Bluegrass Society is hosting the 2024 Bluegrass Pickin' Party. This is anticipated to be the premier Bluegrass event in Hampton Roads for 2024. The Party takes place March 7-9, 2024 at the Holiday Inn in Virginia Beach.

Eight showcase bands featuring the best bluegrass that the region has to offer will be performing on the showcase stage on Friday and Saturday nights. Featured performers include Virgina Rain, Code Blue, Dark Hollow, Blue Ridge Thunder, Josh Grigsby and County Line, In Between Bluegrass Band, John White and Steel Mountain Railroad, and Solid Rock.

There will be bluegrass workshops for musicians of all degrees of expertise. Beginners are welcome and encouraged to attend - no experience necessary. Families can check out the Kids Academy, where anyone ages 8-18 can begin their journey in this uniquely American art form. 

The highlight of the party will be open jamming throughout the entire Holiday Inn! Some of the best Bluegrass players of the middle Atlantic will be jamming through the day and into the night. 

If you haven’t attended before, open jams happen organically every day of the party, and it’s certainly an experience. Speaking of experience, no experience is necessary to participate - if you can clap your hands, stomp your foot, or make some noise, you can participate in a bluegrass jam! 

Bring your instruments, bring your singing voice, or just bring your enthusiasm for Bluegrass music, and be part of this historic event! 

Tickets can be purchased here - $45 in advance or $55 at the door. (That price gets you in for all three days!)

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