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Check out our New Website!

Words and Images by BA Ciccolella.

We here at Spotlight News are super excited to debut our new website! We've been thinking about transferring for a little while, had the opportunity to get everything together before the holidays, and went for it!

We hope that our newly designed pages and posts lists will be both easier for readers to find what they are looking for, and easier for our editors to get posts up and running.

We also thank you for your patience while we update the links on social media. We realize that switching to a brand new hosting platform broke any of our previously posted links, and our volunteers are working as fast as we can on updating about 9 months and over 100 posts so that you can still find your articles. All of our previous articles have been imported into our new hosting platform, it's just a matter of manually changing up the links at this point.

We hope that this adjustment makes our website easier to read, especially for our mobile viewers, and we look forward to the expansion possibilities that it opens up for us!

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