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For the Honor and Glory to Premier at Little Theater of Norfolk

Local Playwright to produce world premier play during pandemic

Words and Images courtesy of the Little Theatre of Norfolk.

Little Theatre of Norfolk is proud to announce the world premiere of For the Honor and Glory with streaming beginning June 25th, 2021. Written and directed by local playwright, Moriah Joy, For the Honor and Glory depicts the strength of women in a world weakened by war. War has become a part of the tapestry of America, affecting daily life in various ways since its inception. However, many of these stories are focused solely on the victor or on epic stories of men making sacrifices for their country. For the Honor and Glory explores the sacrifices women have made while being on the other side of these stories. Inspired by true events. We follow Miranda, an Irish immigrant during the height of Irish gang wars in New York; Ellie, the wife of a Tuskegee airmen; Lana, a Vietnamese warbride; and Tristan, who’s fiancée navigates military discrimination. Watch as their stories come together and show the beauty of how we’re stronger together.

Playwright and director Moriah Joy aims to engage the theater community through new works. “I’ve really been inspired by the performers and artists in this area. I wanted to find a new way to engage in the community and show other local playwrights that we are the future of theatre,” says local playwright Moriah Joy. “This story at its heart is about coming together and cheering for and guiding each other. I hope the audience feels that.” After being in isolation for over the past 14 months, Little Theatre of Norfolk aims to produce works that inspire hope.

Little Theatre of Norfolk is committed to serving the community through quality, educational theatre. We understand the value of the Theatre Community. We are highly collaborative and generous with our resources in support of the talent who conceive, lead, design, build and present live theatre. Since the shut down in March 2020, Little Theatre of Norfolk has pivoted to virtual content in order to continue to serve our community safely. Streaming is available beginning June 25, 2021; however, tickets are on sale now. Tickets are 15 dollars each. Tickets are available at

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