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Modern Age – Court Street Company Single Drops Friday (online)

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Words by BA Ciccolella Album Art by Harry Slater Photos by Jeremy Bates

One of the many events cancelled due to the latest state of emergency was Court Street Company’s single release party, which had been originally set for this Friday, March 20th at the Taphouse Grill in Norfolk. Luckily for everyone stuck at home these days, although the party has been cancelled, the single release has not!

I got a sneak peak at Court Street Company’s new single. I’m not going to try to fake my way through anything that might seem like an official review- I’m a theatrical designer and technician by trade, and when I worked for the local Symphony, the musicians used to kindly shake their heads when I got excited about how “I know that one from Looney Tunes!” (I was upfront with the band about my lack of skills in this area, and yet still were cool with sending me a preview of their new single, which makes them pretty awesome people.)

Court Street Company standing in the sand by a tree.

The band was kind enough to send me a write up about the single itself. Here we are- direct from Court Street Company’s mouths:

“Modern Age” is the lead single from Court Street Company’s upcoming full-length album. The track is bright, upbeat and anthemic. The song blends huge driving guitars with waves of vocal harmonies and big danceable drums in an almost Killer’s-like fashion. It marks an evolution in the band’s songwriting and sound yet remains true to Court Street Company’s sonic identity of alternative rock meets harmony-centric power pop.

That all sounds right to me, and what I can tell you additionally is that I loved it! It’s catchy, it made me smile during a very stress filled week, and I think it will be a great tune for everyone to dance along to in their living rooms on Friday while social distancing. Then once all this is over, we can find their next gig, and hear it live- together!

So everyone send a HUGE congratulations to Court Street Company this Friday (but do so from at least 6′ away, or maybe hit them up on their Facebook). We will be updating this article with the link to their single once it is released- so remember to check back!

Attention Everyone: The Single Is Available!! Spotify Music Video

Court Street Company standing in the sand.

Court Street Company also sent me a bio for anyone less familiar with them:

Serving up harmony drenched rock n’ roll since 2017, Court Street Company formed amid southeastern Virginia’s indie music renaissance and quickly earned the moniker of “Portsmouth’s Rock Band”. Within a year of forming, the quartet released 2 singles, “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Fall Away”, propelling the band from playing coffeehouses to headlining Norfolk’s The NorVa (Rolling Stone Magazine’s Best Venue) twice. In the spring of 2019, they released “Olde Towne”, a 5 song EP named after the historic district of Portsmouth that the band calls home. “Olde Towne” would go on to be nominated as VEER Magazine’s EP of the Year, with its closing track “Indigo” garnering a Song of the Year nomination. 2019 would also see Court Street Company sharing the stage with national acts, most notably heartland rockers Bodeans, power pop legends The Producers, and dream pop pioneers The Ocean Blue. The band returned to the studio at the end of the year to record their debut full-length album.

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