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This Weekend only at The Z: Puffs, or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic

Don't miss this irreverent one-act parody!

Words and images courtesy of A Hair Out of Square Productions

A Hair Out of Square Productions and Zeider’s American Dream Theater are proud to present and Magic by Matt Cox. The show runs this weekend only, July 16-18, at Zeider’s American Dream Theater.

Puffs takes the audience on a journey of what it would be like to go to the UK’s most famous magical school— this time in the most overlooked house. The story centers around the adventures of a trio that consists of an orphan boy wizard, a mathematical genius, and the daughter of a dark evil wizard and their interactions with many of the characters we already know and love (or hate) from a particular wizarding universe.

Director Michael Kirkland-Hill says,

“After a year and a half of COVID-mandated gravity, it just felt like it was time to cut loose. I’ve always been a fan of parody— holding up sacred cows for a little closer inspection just kind of appeals to the rebel in me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as much a fan of the Potter series has anyone else. The stories are great, the characters are amazing, and the actors who embodied those characters in the films were iconic. But even the most sacred of icons needs to be viewed upon occasion through the lens of parody. It keeps us honest.
“I love the piece. First of all, it’s a farcical take on the subject. It’s got slapstick, visual humor, wit, and a wicked sense of humor with some heart and good messages. The cast has been a dream to work with. They’ve been really willing to dance out there on the end of the branches, and I’ve been supported so solidly by everyone involved beginning to end. I knew if I was feeling the need to laugh, so were a lot of others. And I was right. There was no lack of people wanting in on the fun. We’ve laughed so much through this process, and now it’s time to share it. If you love to laugh, I hope to see you at Puffs.”

As our non-magical society is now coming out of isolation and returning to our communities, our magical trio— Wayne, Oliver, and Megan— shows us through discovering their own loving, hugging Puff community that it is important to keep people around you to support you both in the fun times and when things get tough. The messages of finding community, as well as the drama, comedy, snappy commentary, magical transitions, and a spellbinding cast, make this a one-act special you won’t want to miss!

Puffs showtimes:

Friday, July 16th - 7:30PM

Saturday July 17th - 3:30PM and 7:30PM

Sunday, July 18th - 3:30PM and 7:30PM

Tickets can be purchased at

Get up to $8 off with discount code “PuffsZ21”

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1 Comment

Chad Stem
Chad Stem
Jul 16, 2021

Yesssssss! Come see this show! It's loads of fun and will have you laughing for 90-ish minutes!

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