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Williamsburg Public Art Council to Host Education Session

Words and Images Courtesy of the City of Williamsburg.

The Williamsburg Public Art Council (WPAC) wants to educate the community and hear its vision for public art in Williamsburg.

The Williamsburg Public Art Council Education Session will be virtual at noon Thursday, Sept. 23. Registration for the event is now open. During the session, WPAC will give a presentation about public art, the committee’s mission and answer questions submitted via the registration form in advance of the meeting. A survey will be sent out in the weeks after the virtual meeting to gather the public’s input.

The City’s newest committee, WPAC will advise City Council on the acquisition, donation, commission, and funding of public art for the City. In its inaugural year, WPAC will develop policies regarding the determination of artist qualifications, specific site attribution criteria, and maintenance of public art, as well as develop a plan for the further implementation of a robust public art program.

WPAC comprises nine members: two at-large members appointed by City Council; two members of City Council; and one member each from the Planning Commission, Architectural Review Board, Economic Development Authority, Tourism Development Grant Review Committee, the Williamsburg Area Arts Commission.

“The Williamsburg Public Art Council is a new board carrying out an exciting new mission for the City of Williamsburg. This education session is provided so the community can learn about WPAC’s purpose and the varied definitions and types of public art in order to help create a shared vision for our City,” said Council Member Barbara Ramsey, who is also a member of WPAC. “Public art adds a valued component to a community’s quality of life and economic vitality, so having a plan for acquisition and placement of art is very important.”

The educational session will be recorded and posted to the City’s YouTube page. Williamsburg Public Art Council members:

• Robert Currie, chair (At-large)

• Sarah Balascio, secretary (At-large)

• Patricia Rublein, vice chair (Williamsburg Area Arts Council)

• Vice Mayor Pat Dent (City Council)

• Barbara Ramsey (City Council)

• Christopher Caracci (Tourism Development Grant Review Committee)

• Elaine McBeth (Planning Commission)

• Harold Philipsen (Economic Development Authority)

• Scott Spence (Architectural Review Board)

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